CBSE NEET Results 2017: Five Transgender Candidates Clear Medical Entrance Exam

CBSE NEET Results 2017: Five Transgender Candidates Clear Medical Entrance Exam


CBSE said the results of the NEET access test today and transgendered eight candidates who took medical entry this year, five have been classified. A senior official told the Press Trust of India eight trans persons had requested NEET and five of them were released. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared today’s results after the Supreme Court has paved the way to June 12.

In NEET NEET-I and II last year, nine candidates for the transgender category had appeared for the examination, and three of them were released.

Of the 8 transgender candidates who enrolled for the exam, they all attended the entrance test held on May 7

In a historic ruling in April 2014, the Supreme Court established the “third gender” status for transsexuals. In their decision, judges KS Radhakrishnan and AK Sikri legally recognized the transgender and eunuchs as “third genre” and headed the Government Center and said that it was about social and educational classes to support the effects of the admission reservation in Education and employment.

Previously, transgenderers were forced to write men or women against the gender option in the application forms.

Of the 10 90 085 students appeared, 6,11539 passed the medical entrance examination held on May 7

Of these, 2.66, 221 were midshipmen, while 3.45.313 were females.

Navdeep Singh of Punjab, ranked first in India with 697 points and 99.999908 percentile, while Archit Gupta was second with 695 points and 99.999725 percentile. Manish Mulchandani Man with 695 points secured the third place, the two holders of the second and third are Madhya Pradesh.

After the declaration of results, in All India and State Council begin.

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