CBSE agrees to re-evaluate exam

CBSE agrees to re-evaluate exam papers of students

CBSE agrees to re-evaluate exam papers of students


NEW DELHI: Students who have taken Class XII exams may apply to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) again on their answer sheet if they are not satisfied with their score.
CBSE pledged on Friday that the Delhi High Court is committed to releasing its verification system to allow students to approach the exam answers sheets.
The Board also assured the court that all student applications would be considered in the “first come, first served” principle. For those who have already requested a new audit, their country should be prioritized according to the scoring scheme.
CBSE also assured the court that it will not act in companies has been taken from students who can not go to court because of their obtaining photocopies of response sheets.
Sanjay Jain, learned ASG, today issued a statement that despite the fact that the Policy Revaluation Registration Response is removed from the 2017 reviews, in the particular facts and circumstances presented by the petitioners, if one of the applicants was to request CBSE A complaint that a particular response sheet has not been evaluated by the corresponding scoring scheme distributed to the high-level examiner with respect to the main issues, and then consider these CBSE response sheets and take appropriate corrective actions if necessary .
He said that the corresponding ticketing system will be uploaded to the CBSE website within two working days, “a bank of Justice and Judge Manmohan Yogesh Khanna register on their requests for filing orders filed by several students.
However, while CBSE has sought to limit relief to students who had moved to court against the decision to eliminate the revaluation, the court said that the statement by ASG Jain on behalf of the CBSE would require that all Students who raised

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