Gerald Hirschfeld Dies

Gerald Hirschfeld Dies: ‘Young Frankenstein’ & ‘Fail-Safe’ Lensman Was 95

Gerald Hirschfeld Dies: ‘Young Frankenstein’ & ‘Fail-Safe’ Lensman Was 95



Born April 25, 1921 in New York City, Hirschfeld was self-taught in his trade, especially watching movies. “There was no time for film school, so I was always looking for new books [photography], new information,” he said he was in the 2007 American photography magazine. “Going to the movies, I learned little styles Of all high-end Hollywood cameras. ” He joined the army at age 19 and served in the photographic center body of the signal during World War II (left). Once there, he worked with Hollywood set lenses, including Leo Tover, who would become his mentor.

The first Hirschfeld film over 40 films was the 1949 C-Man drama, but after a few more credits for large and small screens, it has focused on the production house filming commercial NYC Videotronics DFO. It would become the most-active camera in New York, becoming DFO vice president and supervising the teams of a dozen full-time cameras. His reputation as a relentless perfectionist Hirschfeld got his first demonstration in the drama of the 1964 Cold War Lumight security bout, whose role was Walter Matthau, Henry Fonda and Larry Hagman.

American Society of Filmmakers
Hirschfeld worked regularly in films in the late 1960s, earning credits, which Goodbye, Columbus (1969), Diary of a Desperate Wife (1970) and a reteam with Lumet a Children’s Game (1972). Then Brooks knocked on his door. Hirschfeld was operated as DP for Young Frankenstein (1974), the director followed in fiery saddle. A shot in black and white glory, he introduced many angles and camera shots of nuances, often using systems designed for the original Universal Frankenstein in 1931.

“I was very hard, it’s true,” Hirschfeld told CSA. “But that was only because I was always trying to push myself, learn to be a better maker. And I expect the same work ethic from everyone around me.

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