Basketball games mimic nature

Basketball games mimic nature

Basketball games mimic nature


Behind the apparent randomness of a basketball game, a process of self-organization really takes place amid the teams. Interactions between peers and rivals constantly influence each other, while the game itself creates creative behavior. This phenomenon, detected by Spanish researchers after analyzing more than 6,000 NBA games, as the shape of living things must continually evolve to survive in nature.

The themes of the Red Queen – one of the characters in Lewis Carroll’s novel “Through the Looking Glass” – must always be on the run to avoid being left in a constantly evolving country. Evolution of the Red Queen “, contemplating how species must improve continuously in order to simply maintain their status in the environment in which they live together with other living beings.

Now researchers at the University of Las Palmas (Spain) have observed that something similar occurs in basketball after considering how teams are structured in 6130 NBA games while the edge table progressed.

“Many researchers believe that basketball is a random sport (according to a probability distribution of fish), but the reality is actually much more complex, as in natural systems,” said Yves de Saá Guerra co-author. Study that was published in the International Journal of Heat and Technology.

The results show that basketball teams can be seen as self-organizing systems, since they tend to drive flows of a game when it works (a series of actions at a certain place and at a certain time) or cut when it stops working , Which allows the creation of a different set of flows, if necessary, despite an unpredictable process.

Faced with a problem, each team – as a system – can offer several valid solutions. For example, instead of passing the ball to one player, it can be transferred to another. The ball can also be rotated or locked, space could be created, or more actions could be implemented simultaneously. The way the game is played promotes team creativity.

“All these processes are carried out continuously and simultaneously throughout the game, in fact, what makes sports such as basketball so attractive to fans and the media is the possibility that new behaviors occur in Teams “emphasizes De Saá Guerra.

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