Asdrubal Cabrera

Asked to Switch Positions, Asdrubal Cabrera Asks to Switch Teams

Asked to Switch Positions, Asdrubal Cabrera Asks to Switch Teams


In many ways, Asdrubal Cabrera represents the 2016 season of the Mets. He crossed the pain in the knee, which provides a safe short-term defense and a strong offense to the plate, and was seen as the heart and soul of the team. Behind their game, and the lead, the Mets bounced back to win a spot in the wild NL box.

But on Friday, at the AT & T Park visitors’ center, all Cabrera represented on the team last year was the other way around. In a season when the Mets gradually lose the opportunity to compete for a playoff game, and soon they will try to exchange veteran players and look for 2018, Cabrera expressed his frustration about his own situation instead of equipment.

For the Mets, it was not a comforting sight.

I just returned from a stage to the disabled list with a thumb injury, Cabrera was found to have moved short to second base. He immediately responded by requesting a trade.

“If you want me to move, I move for the team,” said Cabrera, 31, a 11-season veteran in the majors. “But you have to give me something for me and my family. That’s all I want.”

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Cabrera worries with the move, which was due to start Friday focused on two issues. He said he had not been developed earlier this week by the Mets so he could practice at second base during his minor league rehab assignment. In addition, he wants the Mets to resume their choice of 8.5 million for the 2018 season, in exchange for their willingness to change jobs.

“I do not get angry if they move me to another extension, because I’m going to do my best,” he said. “My first place, there has to be more communication. There are some days, they would have told me.

The Mets had been thinking about this move for some time, and manager Terry Collins has admitted so much when talking to the press earlier in the week. Known more for his safety in his short range field Cabrera has fought this season, committing 11 errors in 43 games.

At one point in 2017, the Mets could call their first number one candidate, Amed Rosario, and give him work in the field. Cabrera was aware of it. But, for now, Rosario remains the Triple A of Las Vegas. Instead, Cabrera is shifting position so Jose Reyes, his good friend, playing short-term every day, the possibility that Cabrera probably would not have expected.

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